Affordable Health Insurance from Aetna

As part of my 101 goals in 1001 days list I vowed to get dental insurance so I can get some much needed dental maintenance. In my search I came across some low cost, high deductible health insurance than includes dental covered. It is a combined plan that cost me (a 27 year old male) $50 per month!

Basics of the Coverage (Medical):

  • Annual Deductible: $10,000 (ouch!)
  • 5 doctor visits per year (only $40 copay, deductible waived)
  • 5 specialist visits per year (only $50 copay, deductible waived)
  • Generic Prescription ($20 copay, deductible waived, $5,000 per year max)
Basics of Coverage (Dental):
  • Annual Deductible: $25
  • Annual Maximum: Unlimited
  • Exams, X-rays, cleanings: 100% Covered
  • Fluoride and Amalgam Fillings: 100% Covered
  • All other items: "Discount"
I am the first to admit this plan is far from ideal. It is good for routine medical and dental items but anything major will still cost you. If I were to go to the hospital I can safely say I am out $10,000. For $50/month I am willing to take that risk for now just so I can get caught up on my preventative health and dental care. I plan to change to a better plan once I get my debts paid down and can afford it.