Kroger: No Longer Accepting Printable Coupons?

I got a printable coupon for a free Digiorno pizza the other day from a Facebook promotion. I was at my local Kroger and attempted to use it. I used self checkout as I always do and I was informed that they could not accept the coupon. I questioned it and the clerk brought over the manager.

He proceeded to tell me that they are no longer accepting printable coupons due to the amount of fraud. I was surprised and told him that I will most likely have to take my business to Publix (big competitor down here in Atlanta) since they do accept them. He seemed unphased by it.

This upsets me as I am an honest person and I have truly legitimate coupons that I print from all the time. In order to save money on groceries I may now have to go to a store further away in order to use my online coupons.

At the end of the day I don't really care where my food comes from. Publix and Kroger carry more or less the same products so that is not the issue. I am just annoyed that I have to change because of a few bad apples out there. Such is life!