Vacation: I am headed to SE Asia in November!

I worked out another great vacation this year! I am headed to SE Asia for 1 month (28 days) for vacation covering the Thanksgiving holiday until almost Christmas. I am excited to have some extended time back on the road and am planning to do it cheaply! I am eyeing Cambodia this time as they have a 1 stop flight from Atlanta to get there. Very cheap and nice!

I also have a short trip planned to go to Myrtle Beach, SC in late August to stay at a free beach house! I am looking forward to some lazy time to turn off for a bit. This will be my last vacation until November so I will have to soak it up!

Being frugal has allowed me to take these trips. I do understand that I am still in debt and could pay them down a little further instead but I have to strike a balance. The trip to Asia also falls within my normal budget numbers so I won't be spending any extra while I am there versus if I were at home. Double win!