Meeting Credit Card Bonus Thresholds

Many rewards credit cards, such as my Delta Skymiles Platinum American Express, have spending thresholds to get some great bonuses. In my case if I spend $25,000 in a calendar year I get 10,000 bonus miles. I sometimes fall a little short.

Here is what you can do to push yourself over with little to no cost:

  • Plan large purchases: You plan and time large purchase to push you over the threshold so you can earn more rewards.
  • Purchase for friends: A lot of people hate credit cards. Make a big purchase for your friends and have them give you the cash. I do this a lot!
  • US Mint: You can buy up to $250.00 per year in $1 coins with no shipping charges. If you are really close to a threshold this can be very handy. Simply deposit or use the coins!
  • Work Expenses: I get to travel for work and use my personal card and get reimbursed. This can add up fast with flights, meals, car rental, etc. Take Advantage!
Most of these things can be done by anyone. Keep and eye on your thresholds and if you are close and nearing the end of the year try to use these strategies to get your bonuses. They really add up over time!