Weekly Blog Roundup

This is a series where I link to my favorite blog posts from the financial blogs that I follow and read directly. These are the articles I found particularly useful or good in some way. I hope you enjoy my choices and learn something too!

Week of 7/26/2010:

  • Beware the Rules of Thumb @ Bargaineering. Jim warns us that rules of thumb can sometimes be too general and work against us. Good read for specific examples.
  • Take Only Photographs: Frugal Souvenirs @ Get Rich Slowly. Staff writer Sierra Black writes about expensive clutter we buy on trips that we don't like. Good reasons not to buy that "cool thing" on your next trip.
  • Ten Big Mistakes #10: Poor Goal Setting @ The Simple Dollar. Trent writes about the big mistakes he made in life, what he learned, and how he fixed them. This one is particularly good and informative to me.
These are my favorites for the last week. Feel free to comment and share some others that I may have missed or not even know about. Have a great week!