Frugal Vacation: Myrtle Beach, SC!

On Wednesday (tomorrow) evening I will be driving to Myrtle Beach, SC to stay in a beach house (for free!) until Monday. This will be my last mini-vacation until Asia and I have to say I am looking forward to beach, grilling, and getting far away from work.

I always keep my ears open for good vacation deals. Networking can be great for this as you may know someone who knows someone who has a vacation/rental in a nice destination that you can get cheap or free. In this instance my costs are gas, food, and incidentals which will make for a fun and frugal 5 days.

I am looking forward to fun in the sun! I do have a bit of a passion for beaches and even though east coast USA is not ideal I cannot really complain for the price. It makes me wonder: Who else do I know that I could work out a frugal vacation from?