Cutting the Food Budget (and keeping it down!)

As with most people I find that food is a major expense each month aside from housing and utilities. It is something we all need and buy on a regular basis. Doing our best to save money on food is a way to keep our wallets and our stomachs happy. Today I am going to share my method of finding the best place in town to get groceries for the lowest price.

  1. Shop around for your staples: Everyone has items that we consume regularly and frequently. Examples: Bread, milk, eggs, meat, pasta, fruit, vegtables. Write down your top 10-15 items and comparison shop at all the stores near you. Don't forget to check Wholesale Clubs and WalMart-like stores too. Do this at least once per year as prices do change.
  2. Use coupons: I am a big fan of the grocery game and subscription to the Sunday paper. Coupons allow you to save on what you already buy and stock up when sales come around. Your freezer is great for stockpiling things like meat or frozen vegetables on sale!
  3. Go local: Buying you produce and spices from local farmers and/or farmer's markets not only saves you money but the quality is much higher too.You are also helping out the local community instead of imported foods.
  4. Read and learn: seek out blogs, websites, books, and articles on cooking. Learn new tricks to use less or cheaper ingredients in your recipes. Seek out inexpensive recipes to try new things and reduce costs. Find an ingredient you like on sale then seek out recipes for that item!
 I do all of the above myself and I am very satisfied with my results. I find that I am now creating cheaper, tastier meals at home for almost half of what I used to spend. I use all leftovers if at all possible and keep waste to a minimum. I let the weekly sales drive my menu choices. This all adds up big time!