A Change in Direction (for this blog)

It just hit me today as I was reflecting on my "big picture" life goals and how I think and operate from day to day. I started this blog as a financial diary of sorts to keep me on track to reaching my ultimate goal: become financially free so I can travel whenever I want. I am working to pay down my debts and make my liquid net worth turn for the positive.

Keeping this blog (aka my financial diary) helps me to record my progress, post great deals and ideas that I find, and gives me a way to express my feelings towards money with the world. It does get tedious sometimes but I still come through and get my postings done. Writing is not easy! I do struggle to find things to write about sometimes and it can be frustrating with a busy schedule.

Today I hope to end the struggle and frustration. I am going to change the shape and content of this blog to more closely match my interests. I love learning about finance, saving money, and investments. I have a finance degree from college. I have learned I like the subjects but not full time work in that industry. My true passion is travel and seeing new faces, cultures, foods, and history.

As a result I am going to change this blog into a hybrid of financial advice and travel advice. It will be part on being frugal, saving, investing, and finance. I am going to start mixing in more of my travel research and tips as well since it is another subject that greatly interests me. I will often mix the two subjects as they tend to go together quite a lot!

Basic post types to expect to see:

  • Purely Financial - These are financial topics that may not apply to travel. Mortgages, investments, etc.
  • Personal Updates from me - Net Worth Updates and my personal travel plans
  • Deals - I post deals that are just too good to not share!
  • Hybrid - These will involve some sort of travel and finance idea together
  • Travel Planning - Planning the trip is half the fun! I will share my tips on this subject.
  • Living abroad - I plan to eventually live outside the USA. My research on this will be shared.
Looking at my past posts I have noticed that my blog has vaguely been going this direction already. Up to this point it has been mostly financial but I plan to add more travel-related items going forward. I have a lot of travel experience and feel the urge to share it with the world!