My Budget for Asia in November

As mentioned before I will be spending roughly 1 month in Cambodia. I have worked out a budget for my time over there and calculated how much I will need to cover all of the costs. A lot goes into a travel budget and here is what I have come up with:

Flight Taxes: $165
Seoul Day Trip: $50
Visa: $20
Angkor Temples Entrance: $20
Daily Food/Hotel: $10 x 28 days = $280
Transport: $100
Slush Fund: $100

Total: $735.00

Notes: I am only paying taxes on flights since I used miles for the ticket. I have a long layover in Seoul (16 hours) so the day trip is extra fun. I will be sharing the majority of food and hotel costs with my girl friend for 3 of the 4 weeks I am there.

I picked a $100 "slush" fund to cover unexpected expenses while in country. It helps cover transport for last minute change in plans and also price increases for various things. I also use it for splurges that were not planned. Having extra money while traveling is always good. I suppose you could call it the "emergency fund" for my vacation but really it is just fun money.

The above categories are relevant to all travel I plan to do. It is a good basic table to research and fill in no matter where you plan to go. Cambodia happens to be a very inexpensive country hence the long time (1 month!) that I will spend there. This table works for a 1 week trip or 1 year trip (separate for each country) or for perpetual travel.

When calculating how much to save I subtract my car fuel and food budgets from home. I won't be here to spend on food in the US or driving my car so therefore will not incur those expenses. They help offset what I need to save up and have on hand. I also paid the airfare taxes now since they must be paid at the time of booking.