I made money with Google AdSense!

It has been a long haul (almost 3 years) but I recently had a deposit to my bank account from Google. I finally crossed the $100 threshold of AdSense earnings. This is combined earnings from my defunct travel blog and this site. Though it is not a lot of money for all the work I have done I will take it!

It is encouraging to see that persistence on blogging can pay off. I have a renewed motivation to keep going with this blog so I can reach the next $100. This, in part, fueled my idea to change the blog to a more enjoyable finance/travel combined blog to keep me interested in writing the posts. Pure finance was getting a little stale in my mind.

So what do I plan to to with the money? Pay off debt of course! It gives me a little boost where I am close to turning the corner and emerging from credit card debt. By year end I should have all of my credit cards paid off which is well ahead of my projections. I also just started to add money monthly to my emergency fund to build it back up!