Sometimes I am bored on the road

Work travel isn't all fun and glory and free weekends in Vegas. Today I am in the very un-exciting Framingham, MA. It strongly reminds me of suburban Atlanta (a place I loathe). Picture bad traffic, strip malls, chain restaurants, and little else. Just the same stuff over and over as you drive around.

This is when I am thankful for the internet. I can zone out and take myself to a different place mentally and not have to worry about it as much. I am spending a good deal of my time catching up on various things and travel planning for Asia this November. I have nothing else to do so I may as well be productive!

The good side of this is that there is nothing that interests me that costs money. I have dinner and call it a night for the most part. I always try to come out ahead on my per diem money and being in the middle of nowhere helps that a lot! Boredom isn't fun but it is better than overspending in most cases.