It's about more than just money!

It was pointed out to me that this blog focuses a lot on money. I agree since this is a financial blog about money...but also understand that I could do some more non-money related posts. After all life is about experiences and doing what you love. For me that is travel. That is the other face of this blog.

Today I am going to stay off the money topic. I am going to share my plan for my upcoming month in Asia with my girlfriend. It will be a busy trip but a lot of fun at the same time. Here is the rough plan:

  • Arrive 1 week ahead of girlfriend: I plan to laze around on the beach and not think about work
  • Girlfriend arrives and we spend a couple days in Bangkok then onto Ayuthaya (ancient city) for a day and overnight train to Chiang Mai.
  • While in Chiang Mai we have plans to do a Thai cooking course and an elephant sanctuary. These look awesome and I cannot wait!
  • From there we fly down to Phuket to catch a fairy to the nearby Phi Phi island. An absolutely stunning place that I want to see again. We then move onto Koh Lanta another great island before going back to mainland.
  • We have a long travel day to get from Koh Lanta to Penang, Malaysia over land. It is the easiest way to get there by taking 2 buses. 
  • We spend a few days in Penang exploring cuisine, historical sites, and hopefully a good beach. 
  • Finally we catch a cheap flight down to Singapore. We spend a couple of days exploring the city before our flights back home in early December.
That sounds like a lot but I have 1 month and she has 3 weeks to cover it all. A couple flights really help us make up for time in covering a wide area. I will also welcome a break from the cold weather in November and will have fun spending another Thanksgiving overseas. To me, this is what life is all about.