Mass Transit: A Better Way of Life

Today was my first day at work in our new office. I am already happier with the new setting with nicer things all around.

I took the train to get to work and I must admit I much prefer it to driving. While it is nice to have my car sometimes I like not dealing with traffic and being able to do whatever I want during my commute. I just wish the Atlanta train system was more reliable and extensive.

It actually takes me a little longer to get to work but it is also further than my old office from my house. It will take some adjustment but I will learn all of the little tricks to make it easier. The last time I regularly used the train was back in college and it saved me a lot of money and time. It appears this will be the case once again.

As an added bonus I also get to walk 1 mile per day. I could change trains and go directly to my building but the time to transfer and the long escalator make it a wash. I decided that I may as well get some exercise if the weather is good and hopefully drop a couple pounds while I am at it. I have options!

At the same time I also had a job responsibility shift so now I will get to travel more. I am excited about this as I like my road time. Keeps things different and interesting and I am doing work that interests me more. And to boot I get to earn a lot more miles!

It is yet to be seen how much my commuting costs will drop as a result of using the trains. The company will reimburse half the cost of the train pass and I will certainly spend a lot less on gas and car maintenance. It will take a couple months to see the real results!