Car Problems Part 4: Resolution?

After two days of working on my car my Dad and I got my head gasket replaced. He did the majority of the work and it was quite a process. I bought him a nice dinner last night as a token of gratitude. He has been non-stop since he got here working on it.

Turns out the head gasket was blown. We did a lot of maintenance and tune up items to the car while we had it apart. I now have a new timing belt, new water pump, new thermostat, new serpentine belts, and several new hoses installed. These items needed to be replaced soon anyway so we did it all at once.

The car seems to be running OK now for the most part. It had some hesitations and issues when we first got it back together but I think it is better now. It was running funny but I think it needed to get the junk out of the system and now runs normally. I will be monitoring it for a couple weeks to be sure everything stays normal.

I hope this has resolved it. It has been a stressful situation for the past few weeks. It has also been quite expensive. I am glad my emergency fund was there to cover it because it would sure suck to have all this riding on my credit card!