The Credit Card Game: Update!

As of today I hit my final spending threshold to get all of the credit card bonuses I have signed up for. It is very helpful when my boss lets me put large business expenses on the new cards to get me there quickly. I also make the "churn" card my primary card until the requirements are met.

Once all of this clears I will have earned:

  • 50,000 Membership Rewards Points
  • 55,000 Continental Miles
  • 75,000 American Airlines Miles
  • 100,000 British Airways Miles
  • 10,000 US Airways Miles
All of this has allowed me to book 2 Business Class flights to SE Asia for myself and my girlfriend for this November. It is nice to be able to not slum it in Economy class for that long of a haul.  I am actually going literally around the world due to the routing if my ticket. I go through Europe on the way over and across the Pacific on the way back. All in First/Business class. Not bad for $160 in taxes!