Mileage Run Success!

I had a long weekend starting at 4AM Saturday morning for my first flight up to IAD. That is one of 6 flights I would take over the next 36 hours. I was upgraded on only my first leg and came very close on 2 others. For the $60 I had invested I certainly cannot complain!

I next went up to Boston, over to Houston, then San Diego, back to DC and finally back home to Atlanta. I was quit tiring going between airports, in and out of planes, etc. More so that I expected! Overall it was a good experience and I would certainly do it again if the opportunity presents itself!

I met some great people from the forums who were also in on the great deal on the flights. We discussed all sorts of geeky frequent flyer stuff as we enjoyed free drinks in the lounges. We shared road stories, successes booking award tickets using our miles, and comparing to other airlines' programs. I learned a lot in that short time and made some great new friends.

I organized a group to share a taxi to In-N-Out in San Diego. We had about 3 hours to kill around dinner time. It worked out well for all as the food was great and cheap and the taxi was also only $5 per person. I spent the rest of time in the lounge waiting for my flight back east and more free drinks!

I now have enough miles banked to book my one way first class ticket to Asia. It was certainly worth the hassle when I think about what I will be getting in return. A little rough flying now to save my sanity for a much longer haul this November. I am learning the ropes of the system and how to use it to my advantage. I also had a great chance to compare Delta to others here in the USA. They all have prs and cons.