Resuming Debt Snowball: Mortgage Paydown

I am in the process of evaluating how to proceed with my debt snowball strategy. I have crossed the line from consumer debt to "good" debt and have been debating on how to move forward. Here is my progress:

  • Credit cards are paid off completely
  • Emergency fund is now at the 3-month+ level
  • Retirement savings is around 10% of my income
  • I am making headway on lower goals
I have not paid extra on the student loans or mortgage thus far as their interest rates are quite low. They are fixed at 2.65% and 4.50% respectively. I know I can do better investing the money as opposed to paying it down faster and have done that thus far.

I have now decided that adding a little extra to my mortgage will help my overall goal of traveling more often. I want to own my house outright once I begin long term travel. I plan on adding an extra payment's worth of principal each year to know a few years off the life of the loan. This only amounts to another $30 per month that I have to pay. Well worth it for the lower expenses later!

I will start in June with the extra payments and go from there. It will certainly not put me into any sort of bind and I can still apply a lot to my other goals. It will be nice to see the day when I can say "I own my house outright and don't owe anything on it."