More car troubles: When it pays to pay...

So today my car started overheating again. It just so happened to be when I was out running an errand and so I stopped at a gas station to buy some coolant. I buy it and then my hood won't open. This is going bad quick.

I whip out my iPhone and found a gas station with an auto garage attached about a mile away. I proceed to drive there with heat on full blast and stopping 5 times during that 1 mile journey to the auto shop. I was at my wits end by the time I got there.

Luckily the people working in the place were excellent. The started on it right away (even though they looked quite busy) and got my hood open. I added some coolant and asked them how much? They said don't worry about it! I gave them $10 cash that I had on my. I am going back over there this week to buy them all lunch. They really saved me!

Now I have an appointment with the Honda dealer to get the hood fixed. It is tied down loosely for now I can at least drive it again. I am going to have Honda run a test for leaks and see what the damage is. Fortunately the work I need done is only $115. It could be much worse!

Turns out the hood problem was the direct result of the cheap "mechanic" I used on Saturday to replace the radiator. Lesson learned. In situations such as car and home repair I have learned it is better for pay more and have it done right the first time. Ouch.