Memorial Day Weekend!

Today I feel worlds better than yesterday. The food poisoning was rough. I am glad it is cleared out now and I can move on with life! I am actually feeling hungry again which is a good sign since I essentially ate nothing yesterday.

I am back in the office today and am off to Myrtle Beach in the morning. Given the events of the past week I can really use the time away from everything to recuperate a bit. More good news is that I have been upgraded to first class for my flight tomorrow. I love it when I actually get upgrades!

I am staying in a beachfront hotel with ocean view. I scored a good deal on for the place that got decent reviews. It has a kitchen so I can save a little on food costs too. I am planning to hit up the awesome seafood place I went to last year and also a good steak place.

I will spend the majority of my time relaxing on the beach and zoning out. Hectic work and life is going to be left behind in Atlanta until I return Monday night. Hope you all have a good long weekend!