The $20 challenge!

I recently read about a game that anyone can do called the $20 challenge. The idea is simple: you take $20 and invest it in any way you wish in order to make money. Whatever you earn can be reinvested but you cannot add money. I like this idea as it gives me something to do and I can learn!

I have some ideas of what I would do with it to make money:

  • Get some of my photos printed and try to sell them
  • Buy something from a yard sale that I know I can sell for more online (such as eBay or craigslist)
  • Loan it out on
The list goes on...

Anyone can do this as $20 should not be too hard to come by. If you eat out one less time in a month then you can get started. Give it a try! A good time frame is a year for tracking purposes.