Weekly Blog Roundup

This is a series where I link to my favorite blog posts from the financial blogs that I follow and read directly. These are the articles I found particularly useful or good in some way. I hope you enjoy my choices and learn something too!

Week of 5/10/2010:

  • Ask the Readers: Should I take out a loan to buy a car? @ Get Rich Slowly. A college student in a special situation asks for help. I commented on this one myself! Interesting read and especially the comments with varying points of view.
  • A Money Rebuilding Year @ Bargaineering. This is a great guide for those just starting to button down and get your finances in order. Even I learned a couple of things!
  • The Love and Hate of Work @ The Simple Dollar. Trent writes about a woman who had a long career and found happiness being a school lunch lady. Very interesting read and insightful.
These are my favorites for the last week. Feel free to comment and share some others that I may have missed or not even know about. Have a great week!