Remodel Finished: Now the work begins!

I am declaring that my home remodel is complete. The appraisal has been done. I am processing my new loan, and I have stopped spending 90% of every weekend working on my house. I am able to relax a bit and enjoy a little free time. Now the real work begins!

Since I have a finished house I can start to focus on a lot of other things on the list. My decoration is essentially nonexistent, I have a ton of basic household items on my "need" list, and I still need to fully unpack and organize things.

Here is a shortened version of what I need to do next:

  • Move my unpacked boxes into the rooms in which they belong (or storage area)
  • Unpack and sort the items in each box appropriately
  • Get rid of stuff I no longer need
  • Shop at thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets for needed furnishings
  • Make my house a home!
I definitely have my work cut out for me. It also requires a good bit of money which I don't have at the moment. My plan is to get things little by little until I have all that I need. The most important part is to not get further into debt due to impatience!