Cheap & Easy Meals!

It has been a while since I have written about one of my largest expenses: food. I have been under a tight budget lately and have been experimenting with cheap meals. I actually do like to cook and love to try new things. Having a tight budget puts another spin on it.

Meals that are cheap and (reasonably) healthy:

  • Spaghetti: This is the most popular option. I use Hunt's canned sauce, canned mushrooms, and the hamburger "meat log" from Kroger. Season meat with Worcestershire sauce while cooking. Cost: $4.76 + tax, 4 servings. $1.19 + tax per plate!
  • Pork chops: I use the "breakfast" thin pork chops as they are leaner and thin. I season them as I like (all purpose Greek seasoning) and cook in the pan. I pair with either potatoes + veggie or 2 veggies (usually frozen). Cost: $5.65 + tax, 4 servings. $1.42 + tax per plate!
  • Chicken Breasts: I buy the boneless, skinless breasts on sale at 1.99/lb. I season with Italian dressing and bake in the oven or grill. I pair with corn on the cob + veggie or 2 veggies (usually frozen). Cost: $3.99 + tax, serves 3. $1.33 + tax per plate!
  • Tacos: I use the same meat as spaghetti. Buying separate is cheaper than the "kits" over the long term. Ingredients: ground beef, taco seasoning, flour tortillas, salsa, cheese, refried beans (canned). Cost: $5.52 + tax, serves 4. $1.38 + tax per plate! (some items are not used up so I pro rated them)
The above meals are easy to make from readily available ingredients. The major costs in all of the above are the meat. If you replace the meat with a beans/rice/pasta variation you can save more!

*All costs are based on my local Kroger prices. It includes my use of coupons, sales, and stockpiling thanks to the grocery game!