My Home Refinance: Changes of plans

So I got my appraisal in for my newly renovated house. It came it at well over what I paid for it but also MUCH lower than I was expecting. This has essentially scrapped my plans for refinance and now I have to take a different route.

Because I can only borrow 80% of the value of my home I am going with a home equity line of credit. This will give me enough to repay my family for the materials cost of my remodel. At this point I am happy to be able to pay them off!

As for my other plans, which included consolidation of my debts and faster repayment, I am stuck with my current set of monthly payments. Combined with my new home equity payment my budget just got a lot tighter. I am now making what small adjustments I can to help compensate.

All in all I am still going to be OK. This was a major blow to me mentally at first but now I am going to suck it up and move on. Nothing can really be done at this point unless I find a much higher paying job. I am now focusing hard on getting more side work and doing what I can to start to pay this down as quickly as possible. Sometimes the road of life makes unexpected turns that you don't necessarily like...