5 FREE iPhone apps that make my financial life easier

I admit that I love my iPhone and own 2 Mac computers. I try to get the most bang for my buck out of technology. I work in the IT sector so I am constantly exposed too it and use everything to their full potential

Toady I am going to share with you a few iPhone applications that make managing my money easier. Here is what I use:

  • Quicken Online - Cost: Free. I use quicken online to track all of my accounts. The service itself is free and so is the iPhone app. Great tool!
  • Amortize - Cost: Free. This is a simple tool to calculate loan payments. You enter total loan amount, interest rate (annual), and number of years. It gives you the payment per month.
  • XE Currency - Cost: Free. This is the best tool I have seen to do currency conversions. Very useful for converting prices back to dollars for overseas trip planning.
  • Groupon - Cost: Free. This is an extension of groupon.com. It, among many other similar sites, save me a lot in "going out" costs. Having it on the phone makes it easy to scan for deals
  • VehiCal - Cost: Free. Used for tracking mileage for business. I use this a lot for my side consulting business. It makes my tax reporting a lot easier!
I can justify the cost of my iPhone since I used it so much. It has made my life easier in many other ways than the above and I also think it is a really nice phone. Everyone has their own splurges and this is one of mine!