6 Changes I have made to save money

Ever since my pay cut I have been digging deep to find ways to cut expenses. I find I am more on edge about money and worry about it more often now. Work is a little slow too which also concerns me a bit. I am also closing on my home equity line of credit Friday so hopefully that will get me some "closure" on that debt.

As a result I have made some changes to save money. They are:
  • I formed a new habit of turns lights on and off religiously
  • Programmed my thermostat to be as efficient as possible
  • Cooking a lot more meals at home
  • Using online deals for going out (Groupon, half off depot, etc)
  • Utilizing the grocery game to save on food
  • Searching more diligently for side computer repair work
I am running out of things I can change though. My budget is quite tight now and will be for some time. I am working very hard to find extra income so I can pay down my debts and remove the handcuffs of payments each month. I made my mistakes and now I have to pay for them.

It is not easy and I have been a bit down about it lately. I am forcing myself to push forward and keep up momentum. I am considering a vacation with a friend to do a cross country road trip. I need some time away from it all!