Travel Hack: Book tour with air, skip the tour!

One travel hack I used once is to keep an eye out for package tour deals. I find, especially these days, that tours that include airfare can be cheaper than the airfare alone. I am definitely not a tour type of person but in this case I would take the flights and maybe the first night of hotel to get settled.

It can also work out to a limited extent to use the tour flight for your outbound and buy or use miles for the return portion if the length of the tour does not match up with your trip. I have yet to try this out but am keeping an eye out for opportunities to do so. If I can save a couple hundred bucks by using a tour then why not?

This tip is not for everyone but is an option for some. These are usually the best deal for US to Europe tours where the total price can be well under the cost of airfare alone. has a lot of tour deals that they find and send out via email each week. I plan on trying out this travel hack within the next year. I will report back my results!