Flying: I am Delta Silver Medallion until Feb 2013!

With my next work flight to Baltimore on June 20th I will cross the 25,000 mile threshold to become Delta Silver for another year. With the yearly roughly halfway over that is a pretty good track record! I am in line to rack up some more miles and hopefully pick up some upgrades along the way. I also really like that I can get an exit row seat with ease when booking my flights.

With some luck I might be able to hit the Gold level this year. It gives me a better shot at upgrades and also allows me to change my flights on the day of travel at no charge. This is really handy for work as I can come home early (or later) at no extra cost. A nice perk.

Either way being a Delta Elite gives me some perks on the road and more importantly bonus miles when flying. I go through all this domestic flying so I can have my vacation flights for almost free. Being able to see the world on the cheap is awesome!