Miles for Dining Programs: WORTH IT!

For a couple of years now I have been a member of Delta Skymiles Dining. It is a program that tracks where you go out to eat/drink and if you make a purchase at a participating place you get miles. It ranges from 3-5 miles per dollar. This is a great deal!

Once you get VIP status (10 dines in a year) you get 5 miles per dollar instead of 3. Note that this is on top of any mileage you get from using your card already! Since I travel for work and have to eat out a fair bit I always look for places near where I am staying to get some extra miles. Over the years it has yielded me 20,000 miles I otherwise would not have for money I spent anyway. Not too shabby!

Multiple airlines have a program like this. They are: American, Alaska, Delta, Southwest, United, and US Airways. If you need more hotel points you can do Hilton or Priority Club instead. You can also spread around by joining more than one. The only limit is that a single credit/debit card can only be assigned to a single "Dining for miles" program. In my case I have my Delta AMEX on Delta and my Continental Mastercard on United's dining program.

Don't miss out on free miles!