AMEX: Points Advance Paid Off!

I used the Platinum American Express card to give myself points in order to book my upcoming trip to Asia. I was a little short so I utilized their points advance feature where you can borrow points. I have now officially paid that balance off (and then some!) mostly due to the Delta Skyclub promotion of free points certificates for visiting.

On my flight up to Detroit this evening I went Skyclub hopping in both Atlanta and Detroit. This got me 6x 300 point certificates which more than paid off my 1,100 point balance. I am now back in the positive and my trip to Asia is officially "paid for". It always feels great to pay back a debt no matter how small (even if money is not directly involved!)

I will still get more points certificates until the end of the month. I now have 2 trips to Baltimore thanks to some plan changes at work and that should get me at least 1200 more points for free. I am going to sit on the points for now but will most likely transfer to Continental/United to continue building that account up again.