Work Travel Frenzy!

Wow! June became a hectic travel month in a hurry! I will be out of town for work for a total of 8 days this month. This includes 3 round trip flights and 2 different cities. My new joke is that I live in the airport and vacation in Atlanta.

I orginally had 2 trips planned for this month but it snowballed into 3 with a project push back from a client. That is fine with me so I can get more miles and AMEX reward certificates from the Sky Club. Now that I am back in the positive I will bank any points that I can get!

I still have other travel booked too for July and am told more in August too. It sounds like more will come up between now and then too to add more miles to my belt. Such is life on the road. It all pays off when I board that first class flight to Asia in November. The light at the end of the tunnel.