When it pays to outsource chores and tasks

Being frugal is about saving money. Most people associate it the being cheap. The true spirit of being frugal is being selective on what you spend your money on while getting the most out of what you do buy. Everyone has a point where time becomes more valuable than the money saved. I am a fan of "spend on what you are passionate about and skimp on the rest."

Personally I choose to outsource oil changes since I can find coupons that make the total cost of the service less than buying my own oil alone. I get to not get dirty working on my car and it is also cheaper. Now that is a frugal choice! I had to get my home pressure washed for insurance purposes. I priced out renting the equipment and found that for $20 more I could pay a company to do it. It was worth $20 to me to not have to get on a 20' ladder and save me hours of work.

On the other hand I do a lot of other home maintenance myself. Changing air filters, cleaning, etc. are all more financially savvy to spend time on. I have done some minor repairs and air sealing to help reduce my monthly utility costs. Having done the remodel on my house myself (with my Dad's help) has taught me a lot and saves me money in the long run.

Everyone's situation will be different. We all have different skill sets where it is more cost effective to outsource a particular chore versus doing it yourself. The best way to decide is to run the numbers and see if it makes sense to you and your budget.