Time for a new job?

I am weighing some options and am looking for a new job. I like the people I work with--which is important--but other factors are becoming more and more bothersome to me. I am getting to the point where it is affecting other aspects of my life. I need to either find a balance or move on. Problems:

  • Underpaid: I fell way underpaid for the work I do. Comparable jobs pay more than what I earn.
  • Unpaid Overtime: The salary system is crap. If I work an extra 4 hours to get a project done I don't see another dime.
  • Bored: The work is becoming monotonous. I do the same things over and over. I also work in an industry (marketing) that I despise.
  • Micromanagement: It is not constant but I have a boss who tries to micro manage sometimes. 
  • Feel lied too: I was told when hired I would be doing one thing. Now I am doing the job I don't want.
That said there are some good aspects to the job:
  • People: I have no problem with the people I work with (with some exceptions, as always). 
  • Travel: not nearly as much as I want but I do get some work travel
  • Small Company: The good side of this is flexibility.
Overall I am in a pretty good position. I am getting to the point where savings is slowly increasing and I am starting to gain ground again. I am looking for another job but being very selective. I feel the need for change and expect that to increase as time goes by. I took the job hoping pay would increase a lot than it has.  My goals require more than I currently earn. If I stay here life will pass me by!