Mini-Goals completed!

I had a few miniature goals that I got done recently. I like to mix working on long term goals with small ones so I can "see" some real progress. I had a few nagging items that I have finally knocked out. None of them were worth their own post here so I just combined them into this post!


  • SIMPLE IRA moved to Schwab. I now have all investment accounts in one place. Simple!
  • Reinvested all of my retirement assets into a better stock/bond mix for me.
  • Racking up airline miles bonuses to get more free flights overseas
  • 2010 Income taxes filed ahead of schedule!
  • Adding extra money each month to savings
  • More side work to earn extra cash
All of these small moves are helping me to get to my ultimate goal of no full time job and the ability to travel as I please faster. I am also working on another November month off to go to Asia again. I am staying focused on my main goal but need some road time to keep my focused!