2011 Project: Curb Spending, Increase Income

I am working on a "project" of sorts where I come up with a working plan to curb spending and increase my income. This is always a work in progress but I hope to form some good habits as a result. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and come up with some adjustments to help me get there:

  • Don't go out on weekdays (unless there is a special event I need to attend)
  • Use Coupouns/Certificates/Groupons whenever possbile
  • Eat all leftovers
  • Cook in bulk for easy meals on busy days
  • Actively seek out side IT clients
  • Find things at yard sales, thrift stores, goodwill, etc that I can sell for a profit (ebay)
My current job does not provide the income I want so I am looking for other means. I am also looking for a higher paying job but that is not easy to come by with today's economic situation. I also want to be picky and make sure I am making the right move before I switch jobs. No matter where I work or how much I earn I can still apply these "rules" and "habits" to get ahead and stay that way!