Off to the Bahamas!

I am flying out tomorrow to catch my 2 night cruise to Freeport, Bahamas. At $79 + taxes per person I could not pass this up!

I am looking forward to some relaxing on the boat, some cold drinks, and a nice day on the beach with a forecasted 80 F and sunny blue skies when we arrive. This is my first cruise so I can add a new experience to my long list of travel memories.

This cruise is the direct result of my philosphy: Invest in experiences and memories and not more stuff. I will remember this cruise for the rest of my life. I have almost no memory of the stereo I bought in college then sold for $20 to buy books a year later.

My blog will be a little behind until I return and get caught up. I will write up a full report of what it cost me in total for the mini-vacation. Have a great weekend!