Clearance Aisle Shopping: Save tons!

This is another small shopping hack I use when I am shopping. I always check the clearance area for what I need. This works well for groceries, home supplies, office stores, clothes, and the like. I have done well and it saves me around 50% of the normal cost or more.

Examples of clearance items:

  • Post-it notes: $2 for a $10 package of 10 pads
  • Canned Soup: 50 cents for a can normally $1+ (check dates)
  • $4 for 24 rolls of toilet paper (clearance)
  • Closeout copy paper: $1 per ream
  • Clothes: Out of season stuff is always marked way down
I could go on forever. Deals are to be had for one with a good eye. I always check the clearance area of my local grocery for stuff that is still within the good by date and I will actually use it before then. Make sure it is an item you actually need. Even on clearance it is not a bargain if you do not need it!