2010 Taxes Filed!

I had a busy weekend and managed to get my taxes filed. It took me nearly 3 hours to complete but well worth the $1845 refund I am due. That will certainly be a nice addition to savings.

I also had some side work this weekend, family in town, and the super bowl to take up a good deal of my time. I will have a bit of a delay on my refund as the IRS has to make changes to their system to process the return correctly. This is due to congress passing new tax law at the last minute.

That said I will be watching my account for the direct deposit of my refund. The bulk of it comes from the IRS with the rest coming by check from the state of GA. I hope to be able to put the bulk of it in my emergency fund. I may use some for tuition for a class I want to take.

Taxes are done! Now I can move on with life.