Vending side business update

It has been a while since I have reported on my vending side business. For those who forgot I own a three-head quarter candy machine on my office building. It sells M&M's, Peanut M&M's, and gumballs. It does pretty well!

Since my last update I have had $78 in gross sales. I am still in red since my original gumball machine was stolen and now I have to recoup costs on 2 machines ($400). Sales have slowed down a bit due to less tenants in the building. I am still making money which is the important thing.

There is a company that trains security guards in the building. They are my number one customer with a high turnover of people who seem to like my candy! The classes have become less frequent and therefore my sales slowed as a result.

I also now have a bit of competition. Another tenant has installed a big snack vending machine that is also popular. He keeps it well stocked and does well too. My main advantage is price. I am 25 cents and he is .55 and up. We sell different things too so we don't have too much direct competition.

At this point I just want to break even but profit is always nice too!