Account opened with SmartyPig!

I have finally opened an account with SmartyPig. I am going to use it for my savings goals and for the great 2.01% interest on the savings. I am going to start small but increase as I pay down debts and raise my income. This is part of my 101 goals in 1001 days list to increase my savings and make it automatic.

It only takes $25 initial deposit and $10/month minimum deposit to begin. I will start by slowly adding to the account to bring my emergency fund up to 12 months of expenses. Once I have that in place I will be able to breathe a lot easier and not fret over money as much. I am "buying" some peace of mind with a large cushion of savings!

I plan to use them for other goals too as long as they stay competitive with the interest rates. I really like the layout of their site and the calculators they provide for you. Check it out for yourself!