Entertainment: Red Box DVD Vending

Since my recent pay cut I am paring back my non-essential expenses in my budget. Unfortunately entertainment has to be one of them. I have decided to give Red Box a try since they are all over Atlanta and only cost $1 per day to rent the movie.

I signed up online at redbox.com and they give you a code for 1 day's free rental only good that day. I used it and it was great. Get your movie, watch it, return it. Cost me $0! I like this better than Netflix as I don't watch them too frequently and I am not stuck with a monthly charge.

Every now and then you will find more codes for a free movie online. I keep an eye out for them and use them when I can. This definitely saves me money over the long haul since I don't have cable TV. Netflix is a better option if you watch a lot of movies or shows (more than about 6 per month) as it is unlimited use.

I prefer Red Box as they are close by, no monthly fees, and cheap. It fills my entertainment needs nicely. Also no need to wait in line and it is all done electronically. You can browse their online movie catalog and find the one you want locally before you leave home. It is a great service!