Tech: Use Google to save you time and headache!

Everyone is familiar with the search engine. Google is now a verb in the dictionary! What most people don't know/utilize is their free services that can save us a lot of time and headache down the road.

Useful FREE Google Services:

  • Documents - You can store, edit, and share access to documents online. It includes word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can even export them to Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint!
  • Contacts - You can load all of your contacts into your Mac (Address Book) or PC (Outlook) and have it synchronize with Google automatically. It's a free online backup of your contacts that you can access anywhere! If you have an iPhone it will sync over the air to it too!
  • Calendar - You can set up Google Calendar and also have it sync with iCal on Mac or Outlook on PC. You can change it in one place and it gets sent to all others automatically. Again if you have an iPhone you can sync this over the air
  • Gmail - This is the best online email I can find. Great spam filter, fast site, and easy to use. No need to change email addresses if you move or switch internet providers. Gmail works everywhere!
  • Reader - If you read a lot of blogs this is great. It automatically updates when new posts go up and you can read them all in one place. Ditch the bookmarks and save time!
Using the above tools allows you to save time, money, and creates backups of all of your important info. Another added bonus is you can access it anywhere you have internet access around the world. Centralizing all of your important data makes things easier in the long run.