Saving Tip: Grocery Store not always cheapest!

Most will be surprised to hear that the grocery store is not the cheapest place for all food items. I shop around for my most commonly bought items and found a few that I can get cheaper elsewhere.


  • Soda - I drink Coke and found that my local gas station sells 12 packs 2 for $6.99. My local grocery puts them on "sale" for $4 each. This saves $1 on two and I buy them when I stop for gas. No special trip needed.
  • Produce - I go to the farmer's market which is a lot cheaper and fresher. The produce is also a lot more diverse and even tastes better in my opinion. If you don't have a farmers market around look for produce sales in church parking lots from local farmers. Always cheaper AND better!
  • Wine - I skip the grocery's wine section (unless they have a clearance) and go to the liquor store. Almost always cheaper. The farmer's markets tend to have good wines too at reasonable prices.
  • Meat - Grocery stores have good sales sometimes but I found that Sam's or Costco have better deals if you buy bulk and freeze in smaller bags.
The list could go on and on but these are the major things I tend to look for while shopping for food. Food is one of my largest expenses that I can control so I am constantly on the lookout for this. Do you needlessly overspend on some items?