Free boxes for moving or storing!

Over the past few years I have moved around Atlanta for various reasons. As a result I have gone through many moving boxes. I cringe when I hear of people buying them. There are so many ways to get boxes for free! I decided I should share my tactics with you as a responsible frugal finance blogger.

Here is the list of places where I get boxes for free:

  • Work - we get lots of shipments at work. I save the boxes if I need them and bring them home.
  • Liquor Stores - They get cases of alcohol and these are strong boxes and great for moving. I use these for books and another heavy objects.
  • Friends - Know someone who moved recently? Chances are they have boxes that they are looking to get rid of!
  • Warehouses - If you have any in the area they probably have tons of boxes that they will throw out. It costs nothing to ask!
  • - People advertise moving boxes in the free section all the time. You can find way more than you need here too!
With all of the above options you have no reason to buy boxes unless you need an odd shape or size for a special purpose. If you do buy some because of this reason be sure to hang onto them so you don't have to spend the money again. You can always get some tape and cut of some boxes to create the one you need as well.

Moving can be expensive. Don't waste money on boxes if you don't have too!