Own Apple Products? Cheaper Apple Care on eBay!

I am an avid Apple/Mac user. We use them at work and it is all I have at home. I work in the IT Industry and Apple products are by far superior. Stability, speed, and quality are all at very high levels and consistent. For computers and electronics in general their is one rule of thumb: you get what you pay for. Get a cheap one and it will not last as long.

Since Apple products are significantly more expensive and I want to use them longer I buy the AppleCare warranty extension. It can be expensive depending on the device but I have found a much cheaper way to get it and it is 100% authentic and legit. It also increases the value of the device if you decide to sell it later on eBay.

Apple allows companies to become resellers. They get everything at a discount. A lot of these resellers are selling AppleCare on eBay for far less than Apple's retail price. Most of them email you the code that has to be entered on apple.com within minutes of purchase. It is fast and very easy. No need to spend time and gas going to an Apple Store or other reseller.

You simply go to ebay and search for "AppleCare MacBook" for example. You will find many sellers that have the warranty available. Looks for ones with lots of positive feedback (My rule is 200+) and look at it. If they have been selling AppleCare for a while you know it is safe. I have found that the MacBook AppleCare on eBay goes for about $120 and is $249 from Apple. That is a big savings!

You can do this for all Apple products. AppleCare for iPhone, iPod, iMac, etc are all available on eBay all the time. This can save you hundreds in the long run. You get the same warranty a lot cheaper and if it breaks you have $0 out of pocket. I highly recommend this for any Apple product!