August 2009 Prosper Lending Update

It is the middle of the month again and it is time for my update on lending. I have invested some money (payments received) since bidding resumed and have some loans that are a little late.

Here are my stats as of today:

Outstanding Loans: 44
Late: 2 (< 15 days)
Late: 1 (> 15 days, < 30 days)
Current: 41

Closed Loans:

Charged Off: 1
Paid Off: 3

Open Bids: 0

Total currently invested: $1594.07 (Principal Value)
Cash in Account: $48.74

Total Principal: $1642.81

I have 2 more "late payers" than last time. I have invested in 3 new loans with the payments that I have received over the month. Next month I will report an increase or decrease in account value so we can see my returns!