How much is your car worth to a dealer?

Most people have no idea how much their car would be worth on a trade-in at a dealer. I have heard stories of purchasers getting far less than what it is worth from a dealer due to ignorance. This is sad but it does happen. Be sure to look it up before you trade in!

Kelly Blue Book
gives trade-in values for cars free online. You look it up and be honest on it's mileage and condition and click on "Trade In Value" when prompted. You will instantly know if a dealer is trying to pull wool over your eyes. Print out the report from the website and have it with you.

Dealers use this number as most of them sell the car you trade in at auction to other dealers. They love to make a profit on selling you a car AND selling your old car too. They have their own "black book" that tells them what any car is worth based on mileage and condition. They know about what each car will bring at auction.

If you are in the market for a car do not leave money on the table! It is a big investment and you need to save every dollar you can. Knowledge is your best ally.