Cheap Vacation Destinations

I love to travel and I am always looking for more. I have been to 33 countries so far and counting. I have been to both expensive and very cheap places in my travels. Today I will share my favorite cheaper places to visit.

  • Thailand - So far this is one of my top 3. I will be returning there in November for an extended Thanksgiving break. I am using my miles (60,000) to go there. Taxes were around $50. When I was there last I spent about $10-20 per day for everything! Amazing country and very cheap. Let's not forget the great food!
  • Las Vegas - I went in July for a friend's birthday and they are practically giving away rooms! I found them as low as $30 per night! I don't gamble so I focus on the cheap drinks and entertainment in Vegas. I like people watching on the strip and the nightlife. Also keep an eye out for package deals that include airfare.
  • Romania - I visited Romania in May of 08 and was surprised how cheap it can be there. Restaurants are reasonable and rooms not too expensive. It is good to go before they move over to the euro and prices will rise quickly. Brasov and the mountains are great to see. Bucharest is boring and only good for the airport.
  • Berlin, Germany - Berlin is a great city with lots to see and can be very cheap. If you stay and eat in the former East Berlin you will find quality just as good if not better and half the prices of the old West Berlin. For western Europe this is as cheap as it gets!
These are some of my favorite places. I have been to Thailand and Berlin multiple times. I will return to them again as well. With tighter budgets and cheaper airfares these destinations are even cheaper now. Happy Travels!