- Find a great price on anything!

I feel I need to share this website with you. I have found so many incredible deals on all sorts of products that I feel I will be doing a disservice if I do not share!

This site is constantly updated with deals on just about anything. It seems to center mostly on electronics and clothes but I check it at least once a day to see what is out there. It is fueled by the users of the forums and all the great deals make the front page.

One tip: Check out the hot deals forums. Once something gets on the front page it tends to sell out very fast. Checking the hot deals forums will get you ahead in the game!

Some example deals I got from the site:

  1. Coupons for FREE Food (Baskin Robins, McDonalnds, Arbys, etc)
  2. iPhone Car Charger Cable $1.49 shipped
  3. $10 off $30 Pep Boy's Coupon
  4. TomTom One GPS System $87 after rebate
  5. Quickbooks Pro 2009 $25
  6. FREE Roll of Tin Foil
  7. FREE Schick Quattro Razor
  8. 10% off Lowe's up to $10,000 in purchases
These are only recent examples. Any time I am in the market for anything I look at slickdeals first to see if they already found a deal. Why search on google for hours when it could be there already?

Be careful not to get wrapped in the "good deal" and buy stuff you don't need or want.