Use ThankYou Points for student loan payments

This nice little gem I stumbled upon when I got a new credit card from Citibank. I have the Citi PremierPass Mastercard that gives 1 ThankYou point per dollar spent. 2500 points gets me a $25 check that I can forward onto my student loan lender for payment. This is great because I can pay down my loans for money that I spend already. It is like getting free money!

This is a little known fact about the ThankYou program so I highly recommend it for anyone who has student loan debt. So far I have gotten $125 toward my student loans that I otherwise would not have gotten--not to bad for doing nothing but spending normally! Only catch is that you have to call their customer service to get the check mailed to you which you then forward to your lender. It is made out directly to your lender so all you have to do is put your account number in it and mail it out.

Details on the ThankYou program are found here. You need an eligible Citi account to participate. The only exception is signing up through Expedia and booking travel to earn points (and no other way to earn unless you have the aforementioned account). You can use the points for lots of other things such as electronics and gift cards too. It is a great program and most of the credit cards that carry it have no annual fee. Check it out!